Why are there reflective raincoats?

Update:15 Feb
The reflective raincoat is a safety sign made of strong reflective material on the symmetrical parts of the front and rear upper body and shoulders or other parts on the basis of not changing the existing raincoat structure. Therefore, the raincoat can generate a kind of dazzling reflection light under the illumination of street lamps or vehicle lamps and natural light, so as to remind the front and rear vehicles to be alert and achieve the purpose of safety. In rainy weather and poor lighting conditions, reflective raincoats play the role of traffic safety protective clothing.
Because the reflective raincoat adopts the structure of setting reflective strips on the outer surface of the raincoat, when cycling in rainy nights, the lights of cars approaching from all directions shine on the reflective strips, reflecting striking light, reminding the driver of the car in time to avoid traffic. the occurrence of the accident.
The reflective raincoat has the characteristics of high safety factor, convenient and practical, good waterproof effect, comfortable and dry wearing, etc.