What is the best raincoat fabric?

Update:30 Sep
Khaki twill weave fabric. Varieties are classified according to the warp and weft yarns used, including cable card (strand yarn for both warp and weft), half-line card (warp yarn, single weft yarn) and yarn card (single yarn for both warp and weft).
The line card is woven with a 2/2↗ weave, with obvious oblique lines on the front and back, and it is also called a double-sided card. The half-line card is made of 3/1↗ weave. The yarn card is woven with 3/1↖ organization. Half-line cards and yarn cards are single-sided cards.
The raw materials used in khaki are mainly pure cotton, polyester cotton and so on. The structure of this kind of fabric is compact and thick, with obvious lines, strong and durable. After dyeing, it is mainly used for spring, autumn and winter clothing fabrics and windbreaker and raincoat fabrics. Yarn cards are used as outerwear and workwear fabrics.