Different styles of raincoats have different characteristics

Update:15 Oct
The main styles of raincoats are: cloak, H-shaped, split, one-piece, double riding raincoats, etc., which need to meet the different needs of outdoor sportsmen and are suitable for different sports environments. Take double raincoats for cycling as an example. The sleeve structure is designed with zippers, which makes it easier to put on and take off on the basis of conforming to the human body structure and arm comfort; the double raincoat can be split into a single raincoat, which can be quickly separated if there is an emergency during riding, so that the rider The safety factor of the raincoat has been improved; in the design, the concealed buckle will be used to make up for the integrity and practicality of the raincoat in the single state, so that the raincoat has a good rainproof effect when it is split into a single state; harmonious color matching can improve Viewability can also ensure that the rider can be more easily observed under low visibility conditions, thereby improving safety. Therefore, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent red or vibrant orange are used more often, and it must be convenient to carry and store.