Stretch And Breathable Elastic Spandex Fabric

Product Description:
Product Type: Spandex Fabric
Feature: Stretch, Breathable
Use: Sportswear, Suit, Dress, Swimwear, Garment, Underwear etc.
Design: Accept Custom Designs
Color: Customized Color

1. Spandex fabric is often made of composite yarn, that is, spandex is the core, and other fibers are used as the skin to make a core-spun elastic fabric, which has good adaptability to the body.
2. The appearance, style and wearing performance of the spandex elastic fabric are close to similar products of the outer fiber fabric covered.
3. The elasticity of spandex is very high, and it is mostly mixed with the proportion of 5-30% in the fabric. The obtained spandex fabrics have 15%-45% of comfortable elasticity.
Product Specification:


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