Common types of raincoat fabrics

Update:03 Dec
What are the wholesale types of raincoats? The commonly used types of raincoat fabrics, in the eyes of many people, raincoats are a very simple functional product with a single style and few types. Therefore, many raincoat wholesalers’ understanding of raincoats is still in the cognition long ago. So what kinds of raincoats are there?
Raincoats can be divided into adult raincoats, split raincoats, children raincoats, traffic police raincoats, and labor protection raincoats according to different groups of users. According to their functions, they can be divided into electric car raincoats, motorcycle raincoats, bicycle raincoats, outdoor hiking raincoats, so wholesale raincoats Don’t be so monotonous. Keep up with the times. With the development of the times, raincoats are also undergoing great changes. People are more and more concerned about the fashion of raincoats. So now the styles of raincoats are getting better and better, and the user experience It's getting better.