The difference between poncho and raincoat

Update:08 Dec
Simply put, a poncho is also a raincoat. A poncho is just a kind of raincoat, but the style is different. The poncho is generally used for cycling, such as electric bike poncho, bicycle poncho, and motorcycle poncho. According to the style, it can also be divided into open type The poncho, sleeved poncho, etc. The general production method of poncho is relatively simple, so the cost is relatively low, but it is used by a wide range of people, and the current poncho styles are also diverse, but they are basically rainproof for the head. For protection, raincoats with double brim, helmet-style raincoats, etc., so the poncho is getting better and better.
A raincoat or poncho is a must-have item on a rainy day. As the saying goes, there are unpredictable things, so we have to be prepared. We don't have to remember to buy a poncho when it rains. You can buy a poncho in advance.