How to distinguish the quality of raincoats

Update:15 Dec
Half of the 365 days a year may be spent in rain, so it is very necessary for us to keep a raincoat. The editor will tell you how to distinguish the quality of rain.
Since raincoats are so important to us, it is very important to buy a good quality raincoat. What are the ways to distinguish it?
1. The natural quality of the raincoat brands that you need to look at is guaranteed.
2. Secondly, it depends on the source of raincoats. If the source of wholesale raincoats is good, such as raincoats in large supermarkets, or the places where raincoats are wholesaled online, the quality will be much better.
3. Generally, thicker raincoats are more durable.
4. Rub the waterproof coating on the inner side of the raincoat you bought back and forth. If there is no white mark, then the quality of the raincoat is good.