Are electric bike raincoats suitable for bicycles?

Update:24 Dec
Electric bike raincoats and bicycle raincoats mainly have the following differences.
(1) Electric bike raincoats are generally larger in size than bicycle raincoats, because electric bikes are also larger than bicycles.
(2) The second difference is that electric bicycles generally have rear-view mirrors, so some electric bicycles have two raincoats to protect the mirrors from rain, but bicycles do not have them.
(3) The third feature is that electric bike raincoats are generally double-brimmed. Because electric bikes ride faster, they pay more attention to head protection to prevent rain from hitting the face.
Some buyers are not paying too much attention to the suitability of raincoats, so they often buy the wrong raincoats. Bicycle raincoats are bought into electric bikes, and raincoats for electric bikes are bought into bicycle raincoats. As a result, they cannot be used after buying them, causing unnecessary losses.