What is a raincoat on duty

Update:06 Jan
First of all, the purpose of this raincoat is different from other raincoats, so it is determined that the style and style of the raincoat are different. The main purpose of this type of raincoat is to be used by groups in special positions such as sanitation workers and traffic police. The design of this raincoat is generally in color. Fluorescent yellow and fluorescent orange are the main ones. This color is brighter and can serve as a good warning. Moreover, the back and front of this raincoat are designed with reflective strips that are more expensive than ordinary raincoats. The reflective effect of the reflective strips at night is very good. The warning effect is obvious, because sanitation workers, traffic police and other jobs are often in an environment with more vehicles, wearing this kind of clothing can greatly improve safety.
Therefore, it is very necessary for workers in these positions to buy raincoats with this characteristic. While playing a good rainproof function, it can also improve the protection of these workers.